Aofei Sheng


Name: Aofei Sheng

Gender: Male

Birthdate: 1995-02-12

Now: Freelance

Hobbies: Vim, Go, GitHub, Travel, Movie, One Piece

Open Source Projects

Project NameProject Description
AirAn ideally refined web framework for Go.
SandIDEvery grain of sand on Earth has its own ID.
CameronAn avatar generator for Go.
MIMESnifferA MIME type sniffer for Go.
GoproxyA minimalist Go module proxy handler.
Goproxy ChinaThe most trusted Go module proxy in China.
FileaccA viable gRPC-based file access solution.


Gist NameGist Description
switchgo.shA shell script for switching the version of Go.

Other Resources

Resource NameResource Description
China IP ListAn incomplete China IP list.
China Domain ListAn incomplete China domain list.